Project AWARE 100% PIC Online - Thank You

A big thank you to the following PADI International Ltd Dive Centres who are signed up to the 100% Project AWARE PIC Online Shceme.

By joining this new programme you ensure that all your students whose cards are processed online receive the Project AWARE version of their PADI certification card. You also show your commitment to the protection of aquatic resources by raising vital funds to help Project AWARE complete its mission.

Aqua Divers, Anavissos Greece S32289 http://www.aquadiversclub.com/

Capenwray Diving, Carnforth Lancashire S3632 http://www.dive-site.co.uk/

Marine Divers, Paphos Cyprus S32431 http://www.pwmarinedivers.com/

Waterhoppers, Rhodes Greece S3431 http://www.waterhoppers.com/

Ocean Turtle Diving, Basingstoke Hampshire S32106 http://www.oceanturtlediving.com/

If you'd like to sign up to the 100% Project AWARE PIC Online scheme, simply download the registration form located here, and
fax to Project AWARE Foundation (International) : +44 (0)117 300 7270

Digital Option for The Undersea Journal and Sport Diver

While you're on the PADI Pros site downloading the 2010 PADI Instructor Manual you can sign up to receive Sport Diver and / or The Undersea Journal electronically. This is a free service for PADI Members.

Switch to the electronic versions and you'll receive an email when the latest issue is available online. What you'll get is an electronic version of the magazine provided through a system called
Zinio - it's not a .pdf.

Not sure if you'll like an electronic magazine?

I found a link on Zinio's site where you can
download a magazine for free to try it out. FYI you have to create an account to get the free magazine. Looks like there's also an iPhone app.

If it were me - I'd continue getting the paper copy of Sport Diver and go digital with the UJ.

Sport Diver
magazine is a great marketing piece. Leave it at the dentist, the gym, anywhere it might find a curious reader. Attach a business card or two to the inside cover and on the back cover. You never know, right?

This is just my personal opinion, I'm as crunchy granola as they come and of course the more we can do to reduce our paper consumption the better.

If you're ready to go digital with Sport Diver or The Undersea Journal, here's how to do it:
  1. Log on to padimembers.com
  2. Click on Members Toolbox
  3. Scroll down to Member Services
  4. Click on the first link:
    Go Digital! Manage Your PADI Subscriptions here
  5. Click next to the picture of each magazine to opt in for a digital copy.
Once you choose the electronic option we will no longer send you a paper copy of the magazine. Address labels are run approximately six weeks before the magazines get mailed, so there's a chance you'll get one more paper copy after opting in for the electronic option. Currently it's not possible to receive both an electronic and a paper copy - just one or the other.

2010 Instructor Manual Available Online

2010 Instructor Manual Available as a Free Download
for Renewed PADI Members

Renewed PADI Members (Instructors, DMs, AIs, etc.) can now download the 2010 PADI Instructor Manual from padimembers.com. The 1.25 MB .pdf is the first link in the right hand column.

If you are not renewed, please call us at +44 (0) 117 300 ext. 7281 (Monday - Friday) to get renewed.
Dive Theory Online is the newest PADI eLearning course

Dive Theory Online is now live at padi.com/elearning.

Student cost: $100.

What is Dive Theory Online?
  • For Divemaster, AI, and OWSI Candidates - an exam study tool

  • For Instructors -
    Offer students the opportunity to try Dive Theory online in lieu of attending the dive theory lectures.

    Or - use Dive Theory Online to brush up on Boyle's Law (and other dive theory topics) before teaching a DM course.

Dive Theory Online gives a comprehensive overview of dive physics, dive physiology, dive skills, environmental considerations,* dive equipment specifics and decompression theory & the RDP. Each section consists of multi-media instructional sections followed by study questions. End-of-section assessments verify eLearner mastery of each section.

* What was once a single topic - dive skills and environment – has been broken down into two separate presentations – dive skills and environmental considerations.

What isn't Dive Theory Online?

Dive Theory Online is not a substitute for any required materials. All PADI Divemaster candidates are still required to own a personal copy of the DM manual, DM slates, Instructor Manual,* Diving Knowledge Workbook, and Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving (included in the Divemaster crewpak - product no. 60020). Dive Theory online is supplemental study material.

* Instructor manual required for all DM candidates beginning 1 June 2010

Dive Theory Online is not a prerequisite for professional-level PADI courses. It is optional study material.

Dive Theory Online is not a substitute for Divemaster exams, or any other candidate exam.

Want to take a peek?

PADI stores and Instructors who've previously purchased an Access Pass can preview Dive Theory online (or any of our other eLearning courses):
  1. Visit elearning.padi.com
  2. Click on User Maintanence
  3. Next - click on Preview Course Sections
  4. Choose Dive Theory online from the drop down menu

Registration and Website Info

When signing up for Dive Theory online through padi.com, the student will select a PADI member to affiliate with; however,
the Dive Theory Online program does not have an in-person component. It is online training only. The student should affiliate with the PADI Member that is completing their DM, AI or IDC training.

PADI stores who already have an eLearning link on their website are
automatically set up to offer Dive Theory online. As with the other eLearning programs, the student will click through to padi.com and select the course from a drop-down menu.

If you do not wish to offer Dive Theory online, use the
eLearning course selector tool found on the PADI Pros homepage (about halfway down).

For assistance modifying your eLearning course offerings, or to get your eLearning.padi.com login information, contact Training Department at: +44 (0) 117 300 7234 ext. 7339